Jan 31, 2011

#5 - "Much Ado About Marriage" by Karen Hawkins

Title: Much Ado About Marriage
Author: Karen Hawkins

MUCH ADO ABOUT MARRIAGE is a rollicking tale that traverses a mystical Scottish isle, a stormy sea, and lands firmly in a luxurious manse upon the banks of the Thomas as the luckiest man in England is forced to wed Fia MacLean, the unluckiest woman in Scotland! A fun, spirited prequel to Karen's MacLean Curse Series and her upcoming Hurst Amulet Series.

My rating: 5 of 5

My thoughts on the book: 
I loved it! I'm a big fan of Karen Hawkins' books & I loved the Maclean Curse series, but this one might be my #1 favourite of her books so far! I loved the characters & the story! It was lots of fun & I enjoyed the banter between Thomas & Fia. I also liked Thomas' best friend Robert a lot, so I hope he'll be the hero to one of her books in the future! This book also made me want to reread the Maclean Curse series & to read the Hurst Amulet series. Definitely one of the books I'll read again & again & I highly recommend it!



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