Jan 31, 2011

Alphabet Challenge 2011!

The Alphabet Challenge is hosted by The Life (and lies) of an inanimate flying object!

1. 26 books!
runs January 1st 2011 –December 31, 2011. For each letter, read a book that has a main character or key supporting character  (not some random minor character mentioned twice!) whose name starts with that letter. It doesn’t have to be the title of the book, just the name. Ex: Alice (in wonderland), Bella (twilight), Cathy (Wuthering Heights), Dracula (Dracula) Estella (Great Expectations),  etc.
2. only one letter per book!
3. Crossovers are fine
4. audio, e-book, bound book, someone reading it out loud to you, reading a book to your little brother or sister, it all counts.
5. any length—short stories, books of the Bible, etc. they all count for this one.
6. Don’t have to be a blogger, don’t have to review the book. Just tell me you're participating. Goodreads is a great way to keep track of books for non-bloggers (make a shelf for this challenge and keep track of them that way!)

Level 1: 10 Letters
Level 2: 20 Letters
Level 3: Completes all 26 letters (yes, that means X and Z and Q. I’m sure you can find something.)

To sign up for this challenge, go HERE!

I'll go with level 2, only because I don't think I can find names for Q & X (already read a book this month with the main character named Zephyr).

My List:
  1. A - Anya (Laura Bickle's Embers)
  2. B - Blair (Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl)
  3. C - Cassel (Holly Black's White Cat)
  4. D - David (Karen Rose's Silent Scream)
  5. E - Elissande (Sherry Thomas's His at Night) - my review
  6. F - Fia (Karen Hawkins's Much Ado About Marriage) - my review
  7. G - Gina (Robin Kaye's Yours for the Taking) - my review
  8. H - Hiram (Kathy Reichs's Virals)
  9. I - Iridium (Jackie Kessler & Caitlin Kittredge's Shades of Gray) tbr
  10. J - Jacián (Lisa McMann's Cryer's Cross)
  11. K - Kelsa (Hilari Bell's Trickster's Girl)
  12. L - Leandro (Sarah Mayberry's Hot for Him)
  13. M - Minerva (Sabrina Jeffries's How to Woo a Reluctant Lady)
  14. N - Nico (April Lindner's Jane) - my review
  15. O - Omaha (James Rollins's Sandstorm) - my review
  16. P - Piers (Eloisa James's When Beauty Tamed the Beast)
  17. Q - Quinn (Sarah Mayberry's Her Best Friend)
  18. R - Roger (Morgan Matson's Amy & Roger's Epic Detour)
  19. S - Sadie (Sarah Mayberry's Take On Me)
  20. T - Ty (Maureen McGowan's Cinderella: Ninja Warrior) - my review
  21. U - Uri (Sam Bourne's The Last Testament)
  22. V - Van (Brian Eames's The Dagger Quick)
  23. W - Will (Sophie Jordan's Firelight)
  24. X - Xypher (Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dream Chaser) - tbr
  25. Y - Yvonne (Philip Carter's Altar of Bones)
  26. Z - Zephyr (Suzanne Enoch's Rules of an Engagement) - my review


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