Jan 3, 2011

Read Me, Baby, 1 More Time Challenge 2011!

This challenge is hosted by Kate @ Midnight Book Girl!

Read Me Baby, 1 More Time is for those of you who love to re-read your favorite books or those of you who want to re-visit a book from your past.  The rules are simple, for a book to qualify you simply have to have read it at least once before, and the re-read has to be complete.  For instance, there are some books I re-read from cover to cover, and there are other books that I just read certain scenes from when I need a little comfort-before-bed reading.  Just reading a few scenes doesn't count for this challenge.

Here's the tiers for you to choose from:
Trip Down Memory Lane: 1-3 re-reads
Reliving the Past: 4-8 re-reads
Back To The Future: 9-12 re-reads
Groundhog Day Reader: 13-20 re-reads

Here's how to participate:
  • Blog a post about this challenge and link below in Mr. Linky.  It can include any re-reads you are looking forward to in 2011.
  • Feel free to grab a button (mine was made by the awesomely wonderful Lori at Pure Imagination) 
    and put it in your sidebar.
  • Sign up on Mr. Linky below with your blog post link.
  • Once a month I'll post a new Read Me Baby, 1 More Time post for you to link any updated re-read reviews or posts.  Feel free to send them to me at any time though, just post them in any of my post comments and I'll add them.
  • Don't have a blog?  No problem!  Sign up using Goodreads, Amazon, Shelfari, or just review in the comments of the Challenge posts.

    Okay, so that's the challenge.  There will be random prizes every 3 months for any active participants and the prizes will range from bookmarks to journals and gift cards.  At the end of the year there will be a special prize pack that everyone who participated at some time in the year will be eligible for.

    Any books you read for other challenges will be eligible as long as it's a re-read.

    To sign up, go HERE!

    I decided to go with the Back To The Future level & re-read 9-12 books!
    I'll list them as I read them!

    My Book List:
    1. All Over You by Sarah Mayberry
    2. The Light by D. J. MacHale
    3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
    4. Tangled Up in Love by Heidi Betts
    5. Courting Miss Lancaster by Sarah M. Eden


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