Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year & some New Year's Resolutions!!!

First of all, I'd like to wish you all a...

My New Year's Resolutions:

So, this year I finally decided to choose some things I want to change when it comes to my blogging & reading books. It's nothing new, just some things I've been planning & deciding to do for quite some time now or at least thinking about them, but just not sticking to them, so I thought if I maybe write them, I'll do them ;)

So, first I decided I'll finally start doing monthly recap/wrap up.

Why? These last few months just haven't been good for me in both the reading part (lots of reading slumps) & the blogging & reviewing part, probably because my reading slumps influenced quite a lot on my blogging! I did most of the memes, but I just haven't been reviewing as much as I should have or wanted to, so I think that if I'll do a monthly recap with the books I've read as well as the reviews I've written, hopefully I'll avoid this happening again.

Another thing I was mostly failure at this last year were the reading challenges. I know I signed up for too many as always, but I usually don't complete only a few of them, but in 2012 I failed most of them like never before, so this year I decided to sign up for only a few them. I still don't know how many, but I'll be signing up for them these days (after 2013 comes, after all I'm writing this in 2012, and scheduling it to go up at midnight here) but I'll probably sign up for only 5-10 reading challenges.

Another reading resolution - read at least one classic a month.

And of course, review the books (or at least write the reviews) as soon as I finish the book, so they won't pile up.

And my last resolution is to catch up on most of those series I already love, but just haven't returned to or finished, as well as finally try some of the series I've wanted to for years!!!

So, those are my 2013 resolutions! 

Let's hope I'll be able to stick to my plans ;)

I hope you all had/have/will have a great time tonight & I hope you'll all have a wonderful year!!!


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