Mar 6, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Covers!

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Ok, so for this theme, I decided to choose some of my all time favorite covers, some I own (or I wish I did) & they're even prettier in real life, some I plan to get & some aren't even published, but I think they're all awesome or/& beautiful!

So, My Top Ten Favorite Covers are:
#1) I thought this one was beautiful even before I saw it in real life, but actually is even more gorgeous, so so beautiful & gorgeous, I fell in love with it a little ;) So, if you're getting The Night Circus, get the UK hardback if you can, although I guess the paperback is just as beautiful. Too bad I couldn't find a complete cover with the back (like The Graveyard Book below) so you can see how gorgeous it is!

#2) This is the cover of the limited adult edition of The Graveyard Book from Subterranean Press! I wish I owned this edition, but since it was limited, of course it is sold out, so I got the blue one. Anyway, if you've read The Graveyard Book, you'll know just how perfect this cover is for it, just see below how it looks with the back, the art is amazing & again - perfect for the storyline, that's why I love it so much!!!

#3) This one is the last book in the Seven Realms series. All the books in the series have great covers, although until this one was revealed, my favorite cover was The Demon King, but now it's this one, so pretty & awesome! Too bad I have to wait until October to get it...

#4) This is also a limited edition from The Subterranean Press & I just love the cover, so awesome, the artist did an amazing job of portraying Arlen!

#5) I still haven't bought this book, but this is one of the few books I want to buy because of the amazing cover, it looks gorgeous & the details are amazing, & I know in real life will be even more amazing!

#6) I love blue & I think this cover is so beautiful, I can only imagine how it will look in real life, but I can't wait to see it ;)

#7) This cover is so pretty, but looks amazing in real life. I got it a while ago, and I was actually surprised by it, so I had to add it on this list!!!

#8) The same goes about this one, I thought it was pretty before I got it, but it's even more beautiful, so it's one of my fav covers now ;)

#9) This one is another amazing cover I love & it was perfect for this book. This was the cover of the first edition of The Light (& I think the audio book), but after that the cover was changed & although it was perfect, this type of cover didn't really fit for the sequel, so I was a little glad it was changed, so all the covers in the trilogy will be the same, so yeah, I own the edition with the blue cover of The Light & I think this was the only time so far I'm not annoyed with a change in the covers in the series, I usually hate when the publishers will do that to a series.

#10) All of these covers in the Tales of Terror series are amazing (I own them all), but this one is the best, so I had t include it in my list of favorite covers ;)

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  1. The Night Circus is on my list as well, but I didn't use the same cover. I'm so excited for Bitterblue! Fire was on my list. Great picks!
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