Mar 11, 2012

Top 5 Sundays: Series I've Started But Haven't Kept Up With!

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This week's theme is Book Series I Plan to Finish in 2012. 

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With this week's theme I can go on & on with how many series I haven't kept up with, but I decided to put on my list these 5.
So, My Top 5 Series I've Started But Haven't Kept Up With (in no particular order) are:

1) The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl - It's been almost 2 years since I read Beautiful Creatures. I loved it & couldn't wait to read the sequel, but at the time still wasn't published & after that I just haven't gotten around to it, and since then both book #2 Beautiful Darkness & book #3 Beautiful Chaos have been published, including the novella Dream Dark & the last one book #4 Beautiful Redemption should be out this Autumn, so hopefully I'll finally catch up before than ;)
2) Sigma Force by James Rollins - I love James Rollins' books, but from this ongoing series so far I've read only the first 2 books: Sandstorm & Map of Bones. I have 5 more to read until I catch up & the book #8 Bloodline should be out this summer.

3) Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer - So far I've read only the first 2 books: Artemis Fowl & The Arctic Incident, and there are 5 more books in the series so far & the 8th should be out this summer, and I do plan to catch up with the series, although I don't know when.
4) Laurel by Aprilynne Pike - So far I've read only the first book Wings maybe 2 years ago, and although I enjoyed it a lot & I wanted to continue the series, just haven't kept up. The last 4th book Destined should be published this spring, so I have 3 more to go.

5) Pendragon by D. J. MacHale - I read the first book in the Pendragon series 4 or 5 years ago & I loved it. At the time the series was still ongoing (now it's finished with a total of 10 books) & every year I'm hoping that I'll read the series & every year I don't. Hopefully I will this year...


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