Oct 1, 2011

#5 - "My Boyfriend Bites" by Dan Jolley (ARC)

Title: My Boyfriend Bites
Author: Dan Jolley
Illustrated by: Alitha E. Martinez
Series: My Boyfriend is a Monster #3
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group
Imprint: Graphic Universe
Pages: 128 
Publication date: October 1st, 2011
ISBN: 9780761355991

Read on August 9th, 2011 from e-copy acquired from NetGalley!

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Vanessa Shingle has a knack for choosing boyfriends who need fixing—the juvenile delinquent, the school cheat, the slacker….Then she meets Jean-Paul McClellan—the perfect project!
Vanessa is determined to find out Jean-Paul's story. Why would such a smart hunk waste his life as a janitor? She drags her best friend Stork on a nighttime mission to learn more. What she sees makes her blood run cold.
Suddenly, Vanessa's little New Mexico town is overrun by vampires—obnoxious ones at that. And Vanessa seems to be their target. Is Jean-Paul one of them? If so, why is he being so nice to her? When he talks about prophecies and legacies and Romania, what's he really up to?
Vanessa finds herself with a real situation to fix—and she stakes her life on being able to rise to the challenge.

My thoughts on the graphic novel:
Let's just say that the storyline was quite the surprise & definitely not what I was expecting. I loved it, it was so much fun & so funny & with lots of action & I liked the characters, too! Especially Vanessa, she was great - she kicked some vampire butt ;) Also, Jean-Paul, also not what I expected. Anyway, the illustrations were good, too & I have to say that this graphic novel is my second favourite in the "My Boyfriend is a Monster" series, so I highly recommend it! Lots of fun!!!



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