Jun 27, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday #6: Reading One Book at a Time Vs. Reading Multiple Books at a Time!

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This week's theme:  Reading One Book at a Time Vs. Reading Multiple Books at a Time!

Ok, so this one is not so easy for me. I do prefer reading one book at a time, but most of the time I have multiple books started & reading them at the same time. 
Well, one of the reasons is that I'm a really moody reader. I read almost all genres, and when I read a book, I want to be in a mood for it (even if it's from a favourite author), 'cause then I enjoy it to the maximum & it has my complete attention, but if I'm not in a mood for it, I put it aside until I'm in a mood for it again (although there are those rare books that although I'm enjoying them, I put aside because I don't want to finish them yet, either because I don't want them to end at all, so I try to postpone the inevitable or I can't make myself finish them at that time because of something that happened in it or something I know it will happen, or something like that, but I do want & plan to finish them, and I'm not thinking about books I gave up on because I disliked or maybe even hated them, although I rarely give up on a book, but yeah, there are those I wish I never read). 
But, back to the theme, as I already said, sometimes when I start a book & I enjoy it, I might stop being in a mood for it, so I put it aside until I am ;) I don't have problems with forgetting where I stopped, or what happened, I have a very good memory when it comes to that, and I never mix up what happened in which book, 'cause usually the books I've started at the same time are from different genres. Also, I can have a previously started book, put it aside & started another one which I didn't stop reading until I finish it, so I didn't read anything else while reading it, and that's what I prefer, but unfortunately that doesn't always happen. 
I've literally jumped around books, sometimes because a reading slump, when I've been searching the book that will end my reading slump, or sometimes because I don't know what I'm in a mood for (re-reading a favourite usually helps then), but I have to say that one have to be careful with what books will start at around the same time - at one time (probably around 2 years ago) I started 3 books at almost the same time (it was for a read-a-thon) & I absolutely fell in love with them, and I couldn't put them down & I didn't want to put them down, but thankfully I was free then, so for 2 or 3 days I literally jumped around them all & read a few chapters from each until I read them all, and yeah, I was feeling like I was going crazy doing that and since then I'm careful about starting books I think I might love at the same time, so yeah, it hasn't happened since then :) 
And as always, I tend to forget myself, but as a conclusion: 
What do I prefer? 
Reading one book at a time. 
But, what do I do? 
I do both equally: I read one book at a time and I read multiple books books at a time!  
So, this time I'm undecided :)
So, what about you?


  1. Your response is very similar to mine!!!


  2. Ooh, I'm really looking forward to Pushing the Limits!

  3. Oops, my previous comment was supposed to go on your other post...but it's cool that you're so enthusiastic about books and can keep track of so many at once!

  4. I used to read one book at a time, but now I read 2 or 3. They have to be different enough so that I won't mix up characters or plots. Sometimes, if I love the book a lot, I'll end up finishing that one all the way through without reading anything else during that time. I usually pick different genres--like one could be non-fiction, one could be fantasy, and one could be romance. :)

    I agree with you, though. I prefer to read one book at a time, but that isn't actually what I do anymore. :)