Jun 9, 2012

"Fearless" - A Soul Screamers short story by Rachel Vincent

Title: Fearless 
(part of the Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love anthology)
Series: Soul Screamers #0.4

Author: Rachel Vincent

(read on June 9th, 2012)

My rating: 5 of 5

My Summary & Thoughts on the Short Story: 

Fearless is a prequel short story in the Soul Screamers series from Sabine's PoV. It happens before both the novellas Reaper & My Soul to Lose
It starts when Sabine is sent to Holser House. We learn why she was on probation & why she ended up at Holser House. Of course, she misses Nash a lot, but he visits her & it's shown what kind of relationship they had (although we already know that) & how much they loved each other. But, at Holser House, Sabine can't seem to feed, because there isn't any fear in any of the residents. So, we learn about new Netherworld species, so that was good, and I really liked the way we learn how Sabine & Nash struggled to learn to control their abilities, and why they're so good for each other. 
So, one more time Rachel Vincent has written a story that had mystery & suspense & romance & great writing, so even though it's a short story, will keep you glued to the pages, even if you might not have tried the Soul Screamers series (the last one I'm guessing, 'cause I already read everything that's been out so far), and if you're a fan of the series, you'll love it!


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  1. Eep I seriously have to read the Soul Screamers series like NOW!!!