Jun 25, 2012

Kelley Armstrong YA Challenge!

Darlene @ Darlene's Book Nook is hosting the Kelley Armstrong YA Challenge!

I've had these books on my tbr list for a long time now, so this challenge is a perfect opportunity to finally read them :)

The books in the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong are:
  1. The Summoning (Book #1)
  2. The Awakening (Book #2)
  3. Darkest Powers Bonus Pack: Contains Dangerous (prequel to The Summoning, Book #0.5), Divided (set between The Summoning and The Awakening, Book #1.5), and Disenchanted (overlaps part of The Awakening, told from Tori's point of view, Book #2.5) 
  4. The Reckoning (Book #3)
  5. Belonging (Book #3.5)

The books in the sister series, Darkness Rising, by Kelley Armstrong are:
  1. The Gathering (Book #1)
  2. The New Guy: Gathering Bonus Short (Book #1.1) [you can read it on Armstrong's website HERE]
  3. The Invitation: Gathering Bonus Short (Book #1.2) [you can read it on Armstrong's website HERE]
  4. The Calling (Book #2)
  5. The Rising (Book #3) [expected publication 2013]

Here are the challenge details:

(copied from the sign up post, with a few minor changes I did) 

1. This challenge will run from April 27, 2012 to April 28, 2013.

2. You can join the challenge at any time. All books read during the challenge period count for the challenge, regardless of when you sign up.

3. This challenge can cross-over to your other reading challenges.

4. You do not need a blog to participate! If you are not a blogger, you can post your reviews at Goodreads, Shelfari, or LibraryThing and link them up here.

5. All formats of books are acceptable: Bound copies, e-books, and audiobooks (unabridged only). 

6. There are three levels for the challenge:

a. Just A Taste: Read 1-3 Armstrong YA books.
b. Halfway There: Read 4-7 Armstrong YA books.
c. All The Way: Read 8-10 Armstrong YA books.

7. When you write your sign-up post, you must choose your level. You can go up, but you cannot go down!

8. There will be a link-up for your reviews, which will be posted on THIS page.

9. There will be a link for your wrap-up post at the end of the challenge, which will be posted on THIS page. 

10. Create a sign-up post and link back to this post. Sign up with Mister Linky HERE! Be sure to use the direct url to your sign-up post and not the url to your blog.

11. Grab the challenge button and post it in your sidebar.

So, that's it! To sign up for this challenge, visit the sign up post HERE

I decided to go with the All The Way level & read 8-10 Armstrong YA books, including all of the short stories, too!

My Reading List:

~ Dangerous (novella, part of the
Darkest Powers Bonus Pack, narrator: Derek)
~ Kat (online short story HERE, narrator: Katiana)
~ The Summoning (novel, narrator: Chloe)
~ Divided (novella,
part of the Darkest Powers Bonus Pack, narrator: Derek)
~ The Awakening (novel, narrator: Chloe)
~ Disenchanted (novella,
part of the Darkest Powers Bonus Pack, narrator: Tori)
~ The Reckoning (novel, narrator: Chloe)
 Facing Facts (short story, in "Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions", narrator: Chloe)
~ Belonging (novella, narrator: Derek) 
~ Hunting Kat (novella, originally in “Kisses from Hell”, now available as ebook too, narrator: Katiana)
~ The Gathering (novel, narrator: Maya)
 ~ The New Guy (online short story HERE, narrator Maya)
~ The Invitation (online short story HERE, narrator Rafe)
~ The Calling (novel)
~ The Rising (novel)

I haven't read the series yet, but I think this is the right order using Darlene's list above, the author's chronological list & some comments I read on Goodreads from people that read all of these, so hopefully I got it right, if not, let me know. 
Kat is a prequel short story to Hunting Kat, which although stand alone novella, it's set in the Darkest Powers series, so I'm guessing it will be some how tied within the last trilogy, if not sooner :) 
I'll just cross them over as I read them & link up the reviews as I write them!

Wrap Up:

So, I didn't manage to read only The Calling & The Rising, as well as the 2 short stories from The Gathering.


  1. Oh, great Reading challenge, I have read the first 4 novels so far and I loved them.

  2. Welcome to the challenge, Aleksandra! Hope you have fun with it!! I have only read The Gathering so far.