Jun 20, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday #5: Action/Adventure Vs. Romance!

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This week's theme:  Action/Adventure Vs. Romance!

Ok, so this one is easy to choose: Action/Adventure! 
I do read romance: I read both YA & adult contemporary romance, historical contemporary romance (my guilty pleasure), etc. I mean I enjoy them & I can read every type of romance novel (as well as I read & enjoy all genres) as long as I'm in a mood for it, for me these romance novels are relaxing & something to read in between, but I do want them to be fast-paced & funny. 
But even with all that, why do I choose action or should I say adventure? 
Because I love the thrill of the adventure, for me there's nothing as good as an adventure, no matter if it's a movie or a book (I grew up watching Indiana Jones nonstop & I have no idea how many times I read Around the World in 80 Days while growing up) & I love the excitement & the way you can't wait to see what will happen next & the fast pace & the action & if all that is accompanied with a great story that will keep you glued to the book, that's absolutely awesome - I'm thinking adventure books like James Rollins' novels & even sci-fi adventures like James S. A. Corey's Leviathan Wakes, etc... 
Although thinking about these & all the others I've read, I think it's really rare today for a novel that doesn't have at least a small sideline romance, but I don't mind that, I actually prefer them like that, so if I have to choose, I'm definitely for action/adventure!


  1. agreeed
    action all the wayy

  2. I definitely agree with you that action is best when accompanied by a great story!

  3. I'm with you. If it only has one of the two I would rather it have action/adventure... but luckily most books today have romance in them! :)