Apr 5, 2010

#36 - "Magpie Hall" by Rachael King

Rosemary Summers is an amateur taxidermist and a passionate collector of tattoos. To her, both activities honour the deceased and keep their memory alive. After the death of her beloved grandfather, and while struggling to finish her thesis on gothic Victorian novels, she returnes alone to Magpie Hall to claim her inheritance: Grandpa's own taxidermy collection, started more than 100 years ago by their ancestor Henry Summers. As she sorts through Henry's legacy, the ghosts of her family's past begin to make their presence known.

My thoughts on the book:
I really liked it! I have to admit that at the beginning I couldn't really get into it, I wasn't interested about Rosemary at all & I wanted to skip all her chapters & to read only Henry's chapters, but after that it became much better & I couldn't put it down. The twist at the end was really good. I haven't read The Sound of Butterflies, so I can't compare them, but overall I really enjoyed it & I recommend it. 

Special thanks to Carol from Tell Me a Story for this lovely book!

My rating: 4/5



  1. Great review! I've totally had that happen to me :)

  2. My pleasure and I'm so glad you liked it. I felt much the same being drawn more to the past story at first. Sound of Butterflies is a different type of story and I didn't like it as much. :-)