Dec 29, 2013

2013 Jeaniene Frost Reading Challenge: Wrap Up!

The 2013 Jeaniene Frost Reading Challenge was hosted by Ella @ A World of Words.
I was going for level 4 Notorious Supernatural Expert a.k.a to read all of Jeaniene Frost books, but the only one I didn't get around to finish it (I thought the challenge ends on December 31st, so I was hoping I'll finish it, but apparently ends on December 28th) is the 2nd Night Prince book Twice Tempted, but still I feel that I was quite successful at this challenge :)

My Reading List:

1. Reckoning - a NH/W novella (re-read)
2. Halfway to the Grave - NH #1 (re-read)
3. Happily Never After - a NHW novella (re-read)
4. One Foot in the Grave - NH #2 (re-read)
5. At Grave's End - NH #3 (read)
6. Devil to Pay - a NHW novella (read)
7. Destined for an Early Grave - NH #4 (read)
8. One for the Money - a NH short story (read)
9. First Drop of Crimson - NHW #1 (read)
10. Eternal Kiss of Darkness - NHW #2 (read)
11. This Side of the Grave - NH #5 (read)
12. One Grave at a Time - NH #6 (read)
13. Home for the Holidays - a NH novella (read)
14. Once Burned - NP #1 (read)
15. Twice Tempted - NP #2 (started, didn't finish it in time)

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