Jul 12, 2012

Messy look fixed :)

Just a quick post to let anyone that might come across my blog right now that I messed up my layout & widgets & sidebars a little, I'll have to tune it later on, now I'm busy, but I'll get it right as soon as I can!!!


Everything works now, and I finally fixed my HTML so I have a reply button, so yay :) The only thing I have to do is edit the look of all my previous post, but I'll do that gradually, so if you saw a post that doesn't look quite good visually, it's because of that :)


  1. Haha, similiar thing happened to me on Thursday, too. And I called the post "Don't Mind The Ugly". XD Everything seems to work again here, though. If not, let me know if I can help you somehow! :)

    1. Yeah, I saw :) I actually meant to delete this post & forgot :) I might just leave it ;)

      I stayed through the night (late on Thursday & early on Friday) and fixed most of the look, I uploaded a newer & better version of the template, so everything messed up, and it looked absolutely awful, so I had to fix it as soon as I could :) but now it looks even better :)

      Now I only have to edit all the previous posts, but I'm lazy about that, fixed only a few, so I'll just do that gradually...

      And I also edited some small things I kept postponing, and yay, now I have a reply button :)

      So, thanks :)

      And I hope you'll finally find a theme that you like for your blog :)