Jul 22, 2012

Cover Characteristic: Prominent Eye(s)!

Cover Characteristic is a meme hosted by Lu a.k.a The Muggle @ A Muggle's Magical Book Blog!

The goal of this meme is to post your favorite 5 book covers with the week's characteristic.

This week's characterictic: Prominent Eye(s)! 

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My Favorite 5 Book Covers with Prominent Eye(s) are:

 #5 - 13 to Life

 #4 - Witch Eyes


 #3 - The Thirteenth Chime

 #2 - Unravel Me

 #1 - Rot & Ruin


  1. Woah woah woah.... -shivers as Rot & Ruin stares at me-quickly scrolls down-

    I LOVE it when you do this meme!! <333
    13 to Life was a great choice! I really enjoyed that book. And I also find it the least creepy or intimidating out of all these covers, haha!

    There's just something SO...piercing about having a prominent eye on the cover!!! O__O

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

    1. Hahahaha, I didn't notice, but I do love creepy covers :)

      And I enjoyed 13 to Life, too :)

      I've also read Rot & Ruin, and it's one of my fav books, so that influenced on my decision to be #1 fav eye cover ;)

  2. My favorites are Unravel Me and The Thirteenth Chime.

  3. I love Rot & Ruin. SO creepy! I featured it as well as 13 to Life. I really want to read both of them. I can't believe I forgot the new covers of Shatter Me, and Unravel Me. They have great eyes!

    1. Yeah, I saw, I was just at your blog :)
      I read 13 to Life & enjoyed it a lot, now I have to get the other books ;) and I loved Rot & Ruin, one of my favs, so I recommend them both :)

  4. My favorite of your covers is 13 to Life. Probably will add this one to my TBR.

    Jess@ jessy's bookends

  5. Great picks! I love the Rot&Ruin series. Zombies! Yay! :)

  6. Oh wow yes the Unravel Me cover is awesome!
    Great choices :)