Nov 15, 2010

#204 - "Her Highness, My Wife" by Victoria Alexander

Title: Her Highness, My Wife
Author: Victoria Alexander
Series: Effington Family & Friends, Book 5

Women never said no to the dashing Lord Matthew Weston and he never said no to them. But this was the first time he found one tempting enough to impetuously say "I do." Was it any wonder he awoke to discover her gone? And when Matthew learned the enchanting creature he'd married was of royal blood - and would abandon their marriage bed without a second thought - he vowed to put her out of his life forever.
But even a princess makes mistakes. And now Tatiana's back, asking for the kind of help only he can give her. But is his assistance all she wants or are there secrets the willful royal is keeping from him? Matthew may well lend her his hand but he'll never again give her his heart. Still, he's determined to tame the green-eyed beauty and change her from a perfect princess to his passionate bride.
My rating: 3 of 5
My thoughts on the book:
I finally finished the series! This is not the last book in the series, but this was the last one I haven't read until now! As the others, I enjoyed this one, too! It was fun & I liked the banter between the characters & of course there were mentions & appearances of the characters from some of the other books, which I liked!



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