Nov 2, 2010

#197 - "You've Got Murder" by Donna Andrews

Title: You've Got Murder
Author: Donna Andrews
Series: Turing Hopper, Book 1

When a workaholic techie misses work for several days, his friend, Turing, does the only neighborly thing and checks in on Zack. She checks to see if he's logged in from home. No luck. Then she skims the databases of local banks. Nothing. Next she searches hospital records throughout the state. No Zack.
Turing is no crazed stalker: she is an artificial intelligence personality of Zack's creation. But, unlike other AIPs, Turing is sentient-and she senses foul play. She finds clues, but Zack's enemies may well lie in the real world-outside the planet of the AIPS-where Turing has no ability to move.
My rating: 5 of 5
My thoughts on the book:
This is really good book! It's really refreshing cozy mystery, with AIP as the "detective". The story was great & it was really fun how Turing was trying to solve the mystery! It was fun & funny fast-read & I highly recommend it to the cozy mystery lovers! I'll definitely read more books of the series!



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