Dec 24, 2014

Top 10 of 2014: Best Adult Books of 2014!

Top 10 of 2014 is a fun-filled yearly 5-day event we spend looking back at some of the best of all things books from 2014 and looking forward to those books in 2015 that we can’t wait for.

This event is hosted by Rachel @ Reading YA Rocks, Jaime @ Two Chicks on Books, Mindy @ Magical Urban Fantasy Reads & Nancy @ Tales of a Ravenous Reader.

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Today's theme is our own choice between: Villains, Contemporaries, Dual POV’s, Novellas, Adult, New Adult, Love Triangles, Couples, Bad Boys or Debuts. Every year, I choose a different theme, and this time I decided for Best Adult Books of 2014. Despite having The Book of Life (which was adult) on my list on Monday, the rest were all YA & MG, so I decided that I'll do a list of adult favs today, because there were lots of adult titles that I read in 2014, that I absolutely adored! And yes, they will be mostly romances!

Best Adult Books of 2014:

As I already said, Gena at her best is back, and 2014 seemed to be her year, and both of these books were absolutely amazing! Actually, all of her three 2014 releases were amazing!
With every Love Story book, the story & the characters became better & better, and Bite Me was the absolutely unexpected, hilarious & amazing finale to the trilogy! Attachments is another beautiful & lovely book by Rainbow Rowell.
The Lucky Harbor series is over :( but Jill Shalvis gave the series the finale it deserved. I adored the complete last trilogy, but It's in His Kiss is among my most fav, and One in a Million was the perfect finale to one of my fav series!

Season for Desire is a historical romance full of heart & soul, and reading it just made me happy & left me happy :) As for When We Met, definitely the best Fool's Gold romance. Overall, I have mixed feelings about the series, sometimes I really enjoy the books, sometimes not so much, but When We Met is the first that I absolutely fell in love with. It just worked for Angel & Taryn, it was the perfect story for them, and it was amazing!

Flirting with Forever is another funny contemporary romance that I absolutely adored. As for Oh, Naughty Night! naughty is the right word. Not usually the type of read that really works for me, but it was different than I expected, the chemistry between the MC's was perfect, and I loved their interactions & their story, it was lovely & charming, and quite perfect!


Honorable mention:

Honorable mention because it's a novella, but Aces Wild is absolutely amazing, and great beginning to a new series, and I can't wait to read more!
And what about you? 
Leave me the link to your list today.


  1. Glad to see a little different than couples/villains. :) I haven't read any of your list. For my own post today, I messed up with it and I posted about Best Less Known Authors/Books, but then realized they are all Adult Titles, which fills the criteria.

  2. I like your topic...although I don't read adult books cause I just can't handle the steam. LOL...I have some friends that tease me about it.

    1. Hahaha well, maybe you just need to get used to it. I don't want books that are all about that, too. :) Also, with the exception of the Gena Showalter 2 books & Oh, Naughty Night!, the rest are actually on the sweet & funny side, than the steamy one. Even those three are funny & sweet, so yes, I'm all about great chemistry between the couple (and I'm thinking everything - conversations, relationship, falling in love, not only falling in bed & scorching the sheets lol), so if the couple clicks for me, I don't mind if there isn't any steamy scenes, though I don't mind them, as long it's not all there is ;) They're mostly pure entertainment (though I'm actually quite addicted to the Gena Showalter series, the world & the characters).

      Thanks for stopping by, Mindy!

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