Sep 11, 2014

"The Final Murder" by Anne Holt

Title: The Final Murder

Author: Anne Holt

Series: Vik & Stubo, #2

My rating: 4.5 of 5

(Book read from August 22nd to September 7th, 2014.) 


A talk-show star is found killed in her home, her tongue removed and left on her desk, cleaved in two. And when a second body, that of a right-wing party leader, is found crucified to her bedroom wall, Superintendent Adam Stubo is pulled from leave to lead the investigation.

Is there a celebrity-slaying serial killer on the loose?

His partner, Johanne Vik, agrees to help with the case, but begins to see a pattern, one that traces back to her FBI days. If she's right, the pattern will end in the murder of the investigating officer - Adam.

My Thoughts on the Book:

It's been a long time since I read a thriller or any crime book, and The Final Murder is a book that has been sitting on my shelf unread for years now, but I'm glad that I've bought it at the time, because it was a great read, and it seems I've made the right choice then ;) I actually have a couple more thrillers/crime novels I bought at the same time that I haven't read yet, and despite the fact that they're from other authors, The Final Murder actually made me excited about reading them (finally).

I haven't read any book by Anne Holt before, but I'm definitely interested in reading more now, both from the Vik & Stubo series, as well some of her others. She's a great author.

As always, I don't want to go into details about the story, but it was good, really good. I didn't mind following the multiple characters, they were interesting, even with all their flaws. Also, there was just something about the author's writing style that slowly sucked me in, and the last part of the book I absolutely loved. I think the idea of the killer, and what the killer did for living, and why started killing was kinda cool. Not the way the killer killed, just the reasons & the way the author made it work in the story. And the way the story ended, that was a first one for me. I was actually left speechless, with my mouth hanging open. I still can't believe that Anne Holt ended the book like that, but it was both brilliant & perfect. So, I might be wrong, but The Final Murder isn't the usual crime novel.

I highly recommend this book to every fan of thrillers, crime or serial killer books!




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