Sep 27, 2014

"All's Fair in Love and Weddings" by Christine S. Feldman

Title: All's Fair in Love and Weddings

Author: Christine S. Feldman

Publication date: September 30th, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5

(Book read on September 23rd, 2014,  from the review copy received from the author, in exchange of an honest review.) 


Prudence Collier spent the better part of her reckless youth proving that she was not aptly named, and unfortunately she burned a few bridges in the process, including where her family is concerned. So when her long-estranged sister invites her to her destination wedding in the Virgin Islands, Prue leaps at the chance to mend at least one broken family relationship and prove that she’s a changed person.

Tucker Davies, on the other hand, has come to the islands for a very different reason: to stop the wedding. As a childhood friend of the groom, he has reason to believe that his friend is about to make a huge mistake and is intent on not letting that happen. One thing he didn’t count on, though, was going up against Prue.

Determined to make up for the past, Prue resolves to keep Tucker from interfering with her sister’s happiness in the present and is willing to go to any lengths necessary to do so. Any. And if that requires a few tiny deceptions here and there, the occasional brush with the local authorities, and perhaps even instigating a barroom brawl, so be it. A sister has to do what a sister has to do.

But so does a friend, and Tucker has no intention of backing down, no matter how aggravating or even — to his surprise — appealing Prudence Collier can be.
The war is on, and neither side believes they can afford to surrender.
Which is a shame, because they’re both beginning to suspect surrendering would be a lot of fun…


My Thoughts on the Book:

All's Fair in Love and Weddings is one entertaining, fun-filled, laugh-out-loud story, full of mischief, humour & banter. It's also quite cute & sweet, but also full of heart.

From the moment I started reading All's Fair in Love and Weddings, I had a smile plastered on my face. Yes, I found myself laughing out loud over & over again at Prue's determination & skills at keeping Tucker from ruining her sister's wedding. It was almost crazy, definitely messy, but I loved every second of it. I loved Prue's resourcefulness, and I really liked her as a character. She's funny, smart, witty, and would do everything for her sister - so yes, loyal, too.

As for Tucker - poor, Tucker. If he only knew what's in store for him. Then again, I'm pretty sure he would've done it all all over again. He's definitely loyal friend, and he's doing the right thing, even though it might not seem like it at first. And I loved his interactions with Prue. They were hilarious, and the situations that came out of trying to outwit each other were just precious. And I loved how he handled his friend, and I think he's amazing, both for what he did for Shawn and Julia, and what he did for Prue & Natalie.

That being said, the story was also just a tiny bit sad, but I didn't mind, because that added to the heart & soul of the story & especially to the development of the characters.

As for the ending, it was great, and it left me with a smile on my face. I would've loved just a tiny, tiny bit of romance more, but then again, I think it was probably because I didn't want the story end.
If you enjoy sweet & fun romantic stories, or just looking for the perfect summer read - then All's Fair in Love and Weddings is the read for you & I highly recommend it!




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