Sep 23, 2014

Falling for Autumn Read-a-Thon: Start + Goals + Updates!

The Falling for Autumn Read-a-Thon is hosted by Leonor (Ner) @ A Cup of Coffee and a Book.

I was actually planning on a read-a-thon break before next week, but I saw this one, and just couldn't resist. I just loved the idea of challenges as read-a-thon guidelines, so I'm excited. I know it will be fun :) And even though I'm a day late, and I already finished a previously started book (though not really for the read-a-thon, but I'm counting it), I had to join the fun.

For more detailed info & to sign up for this read-a-thon, visit the post HERE!

The official challenges (and my goals) are:
* Read a total of four (4) books; (3/4)
* To read at least 150 pages per day; (I failed on day 3)
* To read a book with an autumnal colour on the cover (red, orange, brown, gold);
To read a book with a male protagonist;
* To read the first or last book in a series.

This time, I'm trying something a little bit different. My goals will actually be the official challenges. Yes, I'm hoping to do all of them, and I'll try to update this post daily.

I read around 200 pages today, and finished the previously started The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Bernie Su & Kate Rorick.


I read 1 book today, so of course I read over 150 pages again, and it had male protagonist & PoV, so yay. I'm making progress with the challenges ;)


So, today I didn't have time for reading, I read only 65 pages from The Never War, and so far I love it, so hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow. But, this means, I failed on the challenge to read 150 pages a day.

Once again, I couldn't read as much as I wanted & finish The Never War, so I read only 117 pages, even though I didn't want to put it down...


Today I finished The Never War. Also, it's the book with autumnal colours on the cover.

Today I started Evernight & read about two 3rds of it. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow.



And today I finished Evernight. That's it! I finished 1 previously started book, I read 3 more, and completed only 2 of the official challenges! Not my best, but I still did good, and had fun :)   


  1. How did you like The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet?! I just signed up and came across you page :)

    Patty @ Bookish Wanderlove

    1. Overall, I liked it a lot. It was a nice addition & companion to the web series, but not as good as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty!