May 7, 2012

"Ripper" by Amy Carol Reeves (ARC)

Title: Ripper

Author: Amy Carol Reeves

 Publication date: April 8th, 2012

Publisher: Flux Books
ISBN: 9780738730721

Pages: 340

(read from April 27th-29th, 2012, from e-copy acquired through NetGalley)

My rating: 2.5 of 5


A paranormal mystery involving London's most notorious killer

In 1888, following her mother's sudden death, seventeen-year-old Arabella Sharp goes to live with her grandmother in a posh London neighborhood. At her grandmother's request, Abbie volunteers at Whitechapel Hospital, where she discovers a passion for helping the unfortunate women and children there.
But within days, female patients begin turning up brutally murdered at the hands of Jack the Ripper. Even more horrifying, Abbie starts having strange visions that lead her straight to the Ripper's next massacres. As her apparent psychic connection with the twisted killer grows stronger, Abbie is drawn into a deadly mystery involving the murders, her mother's shadowed past, and a secret brotherhood of immortals-who'll stop at nothing to lure Abbie into its "humanitarian" aims.
My Thoughts on the Book:

Ok, I'll jump right to it - I wasn't a fan of this book. Because of all the different reviews, I was wondering if I should even read it, but one fellow blogger said that it had that gothic tone that was in Kristen Callihan's Firelight (a book that I loved), so I decided to give it a shot, although of course I didn't expect to be as good as that one or similar, so I went without any expectations, but in the end I wish I didn't read it. I don't want to write bad reviews & Ripper wasn't bad, it was ok book, but nothing special & the second half was just boring. At the beginning, although slow, I liked it & the mystery in it kept me interested & I liked the writing style (it really had that gothic feeling), but as the story progressed, my enjoyment didn't :( I didn't like or dislike the characters, their were 3 potential love interests & although I tried & wanted to at least like one of them or at least feel the chemistry with at least one of them, I didn't - their wasn't any chemistry, so yeah, the romance felt flat. The first half of the book, I still liked it & hoped it would get better, but sadly when I was more than halfway through it, I realised that I'm bored with it, but 'cause I already read so much of it, I decided to finish it. Overall, the idea was interesting, but the book just didn't work for me, I didn't hate it, but I didn't really enjoy it, so I can't really recommend it.             


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