May 2, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday #2: E-book Vs. Print Book!

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This week's theme: E-book Vs. Print Book!

I definitely prefer print book. I also read ebooks on my laptop (I don't own an e-reader & I'm not planning on getting one), but most of them are e-ARCs & of course some of the books & novellas that aren't available in print, but I prefer a physical copy. I am actually quite a fast reader, but I read even faster from an actual book than an ebook, and there's nothing like holding a book & turning the pages (I sometimes even hug my books, when I love them a lot - LOL I can't believe I just admitted that) anyway I also love watching the books on my bookshelfs (yeah, it might sound weird, but I love staring at them sometimes & thinking or planning what I'll read next & I can't do that with ebooks), and I also love rearranging them, I do that often, so yeah, print book & if it's hardback even better - too bad they cost too much & I have to choose which ones I'll get in HB & for which I'll have to wait for PB editions, but that's whole another theme ;)


  1. Print seems to be popular, I love to look at them on my shelf too! But I prefer my Kindle.
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  2. I hug my books too, that's completely normal. (Because how could it not be?)

  3. Yeah, you're right about staring and admiring books in the bookself, ebooks can't replace that feeling!

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  4. I haven't jumped on e-Reader bandwagon yet, but I see the practicality of it - now way I have enough space for as many books as I want to read. Also it makes traveling that much lighter. So maybe one day!