May 7, 2012

"Hollyweird" by Terri Clark (ARC)

Title: Hollyweird

Author: Terri Clark

 Publication date: May 8th, 2012

Publisher: Flux Books
ISBN: 9780738719252

Pages: 240

(read from April 19th-24th, 2012, from e-copy acquired through NetGalley)

My rating: 4 of 5


Paranormal + Hollywood + cute fallen angel = WIN

When sixteen-year-old Aly King is the grand prizewinner in the "Win a Date with Dakota" contest, it seems like a dream come true. Along with her best friend Desi, and soap star wannabe sister Missy, she flies from Colorado to Hollywood for her celebrity date. Like every other girl in America, Aly knows that Dakota Danvers is a smoking hot movie star. What she doesn't know is that he's also Satan's son.
Luckily for Aly, in the City of Angels there is one actual angel, Jameson Dagon. Granted, Jameson is a fallen angel, but he has one last chance at salvation if he can derail Dakota's evil machinations. Can Jameson protect Aly and Desi from Dakota's damning influence, put up with Missy's prima donna antics - and ignore his smoldering attraction to Aly? 

My Thoughts on the Book:

The first thing I'll say about Hollyweird is that it was really fun book. I expected a fun & light read & I wasn't disappointed. It was just so funny. I don't want to go into details, but I really liked all the characters & the dialogues were fun. It was interesting the ways Satan's children (although we meet only Dakota) try to wreck havoc in the world. Dakota does that by making someone a star & then ruing them completely & he wants to do that to Aly's sister Missy, although he also does some lesser evils just for fun. The whole thing when he tried to tempt them all with the seven sins cracked me up, it was hilarious. Ok, everything in this book was hilarious. I don't want to go into more details not to spoil the story, but the storyline was interesting, of course there was more to it & the ending was quite good, the romance between Aly & Jameson was sweet & I'll say it again, really funny book, so I'm glad I read it & I recommend it. Also, I have to mention that the cover is perfect for the book.          


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