Dec 31, 2010

Take Another Chance Challenge 12: Author Anthology Pick!

Challenge 12: Author Anthology Pick (worth 2 entries)
Find an anthology of your choice. Read at least 5 entries in the anthology. Of the 5 entries you've read, pick your favorite one and then find a book by that writer and read it. (If your first choice doesn't have a book, then pick your next favorite until you find a writer that has a book.) Write about the anthology, your favorite pick from the anthology, and the book you read by your favorite pick. Because of having to obtain and read two books, this challenge is worth two entries. Thanks to J.T. Oldfield at Bibliofreak who partially inspired this challenge.
Example: If you choose a poetry anthology, you would at least 5 different poems, pick your favorite, and then seek out a book of poetry by that poet. If you read a short story anthology, you would read at least 5 different short stories, pick your favorite, and then seek out either a novel or another book of short stories by that writer.

I read the anthology Vacations From Hell, which has 5 stories from 5 different YA authors that were new to me, although well known: Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, Sarah Mlynowski & Claudia Gray! All the stories were good, so it's a great anthology, but I loved the most The Law of Suspects by Maureen Johnson, so I read her book Girl at Sea, which was amazing! My review for Vacations From Hell is HERE& my review for Girl at Sea is HERE!


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