Dec 30, 2010

Challenge Wrap-Up: Neil Gaiman Reading Challenge 2010!

The Neil Gaiman Reading Challenge was hosted by Marny!
 The goal was to read at least 5 books or/and graphic novels by Neil Gaiman!

I re-read 2 of his books, read one of his graphic novels & read 6 more books, which makes total of 9! I planned to read one more (American Gods), but didn't got around to it! 
Here are the books I read for this challenge:
  1. Neverwhere - review
  2. Anansi Boys - review
  3. Stardust  (re-read) - review
  4. InterWorld (with Michael Reaves) - review
  5. Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett) - review
  6. The Graveyard Book (re-read) - review
  7. Coraline - review
  8. Odd and the Frost Giants - review
  9. The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch (with Dave McKean) - review (graphic novel)


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