Dec 30, 2010

Take Another Chance Challenge 1: Read Your Doppelganger!

Challenge 1: Read Your Doppelganger (worth 1 entry)
Find an author who has either the same initials, the same first name, the same last name, or the exact same name as you. Read a book by this author and write a post about it. (If you try to keep your identity anonymous on your blog, you don't have to reveal what part of the author's name is the same as your name.)
Example: If your name is Susan Kasischke, you might read a book by Stephen King (same initials), Susan Donovan (same first name), Laura Kasischke (same last name) or Susan Kasischke (same exact name).

My name is Aleksandra (or Alexandra, it's the same), so for this challenge I decided to read a book by Alexandra Potter! I read You're the One That I Don't Want by Alexandra Potter! My review's HERE!


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