Jun 30, 2010

#106 - "Body Check" by Deirdre Martin

This game's going into overtime.
Janna MacNeil is a publicist on a mission to change the image of the bad boys of hockey: the Stanley Cup Champion New York Blades.
Ty Gallagher is a captain on a mission— to get his team to win the Cup again... at any cost. His determination is legendary, as well as his unwillingness to toe the corporate line.
When the persistent publicist and the sttubborn captain butt heads, it's hard enough to crack the ice. But they may end up melting it instead...

My thoughts on the book:
I loved it! It was really fun & fast-paced and I liked the characters & I liked the story! I highly recommend it!

My rating: 5/5

Finished: 25 June 2010



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