Jun 1, 2010

#52 - "The Perfect Wife" by Victoria Alexander

An ideal spouse, the Earl of Wyldewood had decided, should be pleasant to look at and agreeable to display on his arm. She should have little effect on his well-ordered life, and little to do with his private pursuit of pleasure. When Nicholas meets Sabrina Winfield, he thinks he's found the ideal match. Graceful and genteel, the elegant blonde will look simply exquisite displayed on his arm. And a lady like Sabrina will undoubtedly occupy her time with proper matters, leaving him free to pursue his own pleasures . . .
But appearances, the Earl was soon to discover, could be deceiving. For beneath Sabrina's delicate beauty lies the most infuriatingly stubborn, wildly adventurous woman the earl has ever met. She's nothing like the perfect wife he had imagined. And now his plans for a proper marriage were about to go dreadfully awry. For suddenly all the mighty Earl could think about is quieting her biting wit (with his kisses), putting an end to her outlandish schemes (with his own carefully planned seduction), and forever surrendering his heart and soul to her capable hands.

My thoughts on the book:
This is one of my favorite Victoria Alexander books! Except for the romance, there's the adventure, 'cause they're going on a treasure hunt! It's really fun & delightful book that I think everyone will love! I re-read it 'cause I really enjoyed the new series with the descendants of Nicholas & Sabrina (The Virgin's Secret & Desires of a Perfect Lady), so I wanted to remind myself of their story & I enjoyed it all over again!

My rating: 5/5

Finished: 22 April 2010



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