Jun 5, 2010

#75 - "If Only It Were True" by Marc Levy

Arthur has had a long day. He returns to his new home in San Francisco, where packing boxes lie strewn across the living room floor. He musters the energy to clear them away. Satisfied, exhausted,he runs a bath, puts on the radio, and sinks back, surrendering himself to the dulcet tones of Peggy Lee…
Suddenly he hears fingers clicking to the beat of the music. He must be imagining it. Yet the sound continues, clear and distinct. He climbs out of the bath and follows the noise to a closet. He opens the door only to find a woman sitting there - clicking her fingers.
Arthur assumes that his business partner has set up some sort of practical joke. He asks the intruder to leave immediately so that he can get some sleep. The woman is stunned: not only is Arthur still naked, but more importantly, he can see her.
Arthur’s patience is running out: to get rid of this mad woman with her senseless ramblings, he agrees to take her to the hospital, where he hopes he can leave her in safe hands. Lauren takes Arthur to see her body, attached to the life-support machine. Arthur puts his arm around Lauren, trying to comfort her in her madness (obviously the body belongs to her twin sister…) It is only when a nurse walks in and asks Arthur if he has something wrong with his arm that he realizes for the first time that, strange as it may seem, Lauren really is invisible to everyone but him.
A couple unlike any other in a situation even they can’t believe…
This is a love story impossible to forget.

My thoughts on the book:
I loved it! Although I've loved every Marc Levy's book I've read (there's something about his style of writing that it appeals a lot to me), this is my number one favorite of his books so far! I really enjoyed it, it was really sweet & I liked the characters! I especially loved the part when Lauren talks to Arthur about "time" & if my copy was in english, I would've post the quote, but it's not! It was really enjoyable & I recommend it! 

The movie "Just Like Heaven" is based on this book!

My rating: 5/5

Finished: 23 May 2010



  1. This sounds like a fun book though I think I've heard of a couple of other books with a similar plot. Have you read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella? That was also a really fun modern ghost story.