Jun 1, 2010

#48 - "Real Women Don't Wear Size 2" by Kelley St. John

Clarise Robinson has never walked on the wild side, much less ran naked through it. But when she hits 30, she decides it's time to loose some inhibitions. And of course, a weekend getaway with the girls at work is the perfect occasion to let down hair--literally. The best place to do it? Tampa during the Gasparilla Festival. And when the one person she's always had a crush on shows up, she knows that things are really going to get interesting. Ethan Eubanks was never on the same level as the others at work. He's the boss. And he's never seen shy Clarise let go of the passions she's hidden down deep. What he finds shocks him completely. He never knew that the wallflower camouflage was hiding a bona fide siren. And he sure never suspected that by being with Clarise, he could fulfill his own wild, frenzied fantasies.Clarise knows that Ethan is out of her league, plain and simple. But during festival season, who knows what can happen?

My thoughts on the book:
This was one fun & steamy contemporary romance, that I enjoyed a lot!
Finished: 15 April 2010

My rating: 4/5



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