Jun 2, 2010

#66 - "Playing with Fire" by Gena Showalter

Earth, Wind & Fire aren't just a band anymore . . .
Used to be my greatest achievement was holding a job more than three days. Now suddenly I can shoot fireballs, chill your drink, or blow-dry your hair at fifty paces with a blink of my eye!
It all started when this crazy scientist dropped something in my Grande Mocha Latte. Of course I got wicked sick. Next morning I'm waking up with this total hottie bending over me. He tells me 1) his name's Rome Masters, 2) he's a government agent and 3) I can control the four elements with a thought.
He seems even less pleased by my (apparently irreversible) transformation than I am . . . Because now he'll have to kill me.

My thoughts on the book:
I really enjoyed it! It was really fun & fast-paced & I liked all the characters! I'll definitely read the sequel, too! Also, this is the first book by Gena Showalter that I've read, so I'll probably try her other books, too!

My rating: 4.5/5

Finished: 10 May 2010



  1. I'm glad that you like this! You would definitely want to read the second installment...me? I'm waiting for the third! Have you read all the immortal series by cassandra clare??? it's soooo good!

  2. I didn't know there will be 3rd book, thanks for telling me ;)
    I know they're good & I have them, but still haven't read them :)
    So many books, so little time ;)