May 26, 2014

"New Beginnings" by Victoria Schwab

Title: New Beginnings

Author: Victoria Schwab

Series: Everyday Angel, #1

Publisher: Scholastic

Imprint: Scholastic Paperbacks

Publication date: May 27th, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5

(Book read from May 24th to May 26th, 2014,  from an eARC received from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange of an honest review.) 


Meet a guardian angel like no other, from a writer like no other. Bold rising star, Victoria Schwab, makes her whimsical, inspiring, and clever middle-grade debut.

At a first glance, Aria seems like your average twelve-year-old girl. She has coppery hair, colored shoelaces, and a passion for cupcakes. But there's more to Aria than meets the eye. She can dream things into existence, use her own shadow like a door, and change the world in small, important ways. Aria is a guardian angel. She's been sent here to earn her wings. But to do that, she'll have to help three different girls.
Aria's first mission is Gabby Torres. Gabby's always been quiet, but ever since her brother got sick, she's barely said a word.When a new school offers her a fresh start, Gabby wants badly to be someone new, but she quickly learns it's hard to make friends while keeping half her life a secret.
And then Aria shows up. Aria, who knows exactly what to say and do to make Gabby feel better. Will she be able to help Gabby find her voice? And will Gabby still trust Aria when she finds out exactly what she is?
Think John Green for middle grade, with a touch of magic!

My Thoughts on the Book:

New Beginnings is a wonderful MG novel full of heart & soul, magic, fun, friendship & heartbreak.

Once again, Victoria Schwab has done it again. I always admire at the different type of stories she can write. They feel so magical, yet so simple at first glance, but actually are more complicated, and they make you feel quite a lot, and make you think.

New Beginnings is another read like that. It was sweet, entertaining, yet so sad, but also full of hope, and I loved it! I must admit that I cried quite a lot in this book, yet I was left feeling quite hopeful & happy in the end, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series Second Chances.
Even though I loved the story, I won't go into details so I would not spoil it, but what I want to talk about a little are the characters. They were all well-developed, and really likable. Gabby is feeling a little lost right now with everything happening in her life, and feels invisible, though she doesn't want to be in the spotlight, just seen, and doesn't really know who she is anymore. As the main character, she was the most developed, and quite likable, and I loved the way through her eyes a few of the other characters were developed, and I don't think any reader will be able to stop themselves from connecting & caring for them all. New Beginnings is actually told from two PoVs, and the 2nd one is Aria. Aria is a new angel, and I loved along with her learning & discovering what she can do, and how she can help, and just founding herself as well. I can't wait to follow her on her next adventures in the following books. She's fun & quirky, and curious, and so sweet, and I loved her. As I said, there are a few other characters, and there's one I really want to mention, but I won't, because even the thought of that character makes me teary-eyed, though I loved that character, and even though it's heartbreaking, yet it felt so right, though so sad, as well. I can probably go on & on, but I'll stop myself right now. 

It's actually funny how such a shorter book can cause so many feelings, but Victoria Schwab is a wonderful author, that writes some of the most imaginative & unique stories, so if you still haven't tried her books, I highly recommend them!


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  1. The story sounds really interesting and I like to read MG sometimes. Great review.