May 5, 2014

Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon: Wrap Up!

The Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon was hosted by Michelle a.k.a The True Book Addict at her read-a-thon dedicated blog Seasons of Reading!

For this read-a-thon I read:

So, I mostly strayed from my planned read-a-thon reading list, I read only 2 from it, the Deadlock novella, and the novel Passenger. And when I take into account that for the first 3 days of the read-a-thon I didn't read anything at all, I did great :) I didn't make to any of the twitter chats, I planned to participate in the last one, but I fell asleep.


  1. Oh dear...I think you have quite a spammy comment above me here. lol!

    You got some great reading in. Oh how I love Scooby Doo! Always have. Just makes me smile. :) Thanks for joining me again! No worries on the chats. I'm probably going to do away with them and just make it a point to check in on Twitter a few times a day next time (during High Summer).

    1. LOL definitely :) I had turned off captcha for Dewey's read-a-thon, and forgot to turn it on. Usually, even without captcha, blogger doesn't let them through, but one or two does come through sometimes ;) Thanks for reminding me to turn captcha on.

      Me, too. I've always loved Scooby Doo, so when I saw this on NetGalley, I had to snatch it up & it was fun. And you know me, I never miss one of your horror read-a-thons ;) Your other ones, sure, but not your horror ones ;)

      As for the chats, different time zone, so you know how it is. It can't work for everyone. Maybe you can have only one chat for the weekend, so then we can all try to make it to that one ;) & hopefully will ^_^

      Thanks for hosting the read-a-thon, Michelle, and for stopping by!