Dec 13, 2012

Magnificently Magic Read-a-Thon: Start, Goals & My Reading List!

The Magnificently Magic Read-a-Thon is hosted by Faye @ A Daydreamer's Thoughts.

The goal of this read-a-thon is to read some magical books. They can be fantasy books (they're usually magical ^_^) or books that feel magical to us or just holiday themed (Christmas, New Year, etc) or winter themed books.

When I saw this read-a-thon, I decided I'll read mostly holiday & winter themed books, so because of that I requested a pile of ebooks from NetGalley (they're mostly holiday romances) and some others I already had, as well as a few books that had winter setting or snow/winter in the title, and in the end I managed to pile up to 30 books, and that's quite a lot for a 4-day read-a-thon, but my goal is to read only 5 books. Since around third of these are collections, a few are novellas and the rest are full-length novels, I think I can manage that, as long as nothing comes up & I become too busy. And now after my reading slump is really over, and we got snow a couple of days ago, I'm really in a mood for some wintry reading & holiday romance ;)

So, there will be a daily mini challenge (hopefully I'll do them all), a Twitter Chat on Saturday @ 9pm GMT (that's 10 pm for me, hopefully I'll make that one, too) & on Twitter we'll use #MMReadathon.

I still haven't decided if I'll update one post with my progress (it will probably be another post) or do daily update posts, but I'll definitely update & tweet for my progress.

My Reading List:

So, yeah, mostly adult contemporary romances, a few historical romances, and a few other books if I need a change - I'm such a moody reader ;)

There's a good chance I'll start with Odd & the Frost Giants - I've been looking forward to re-reading it :)

To join this read-a-thon, visit the sign up post HERE or the posts HERE!


  1. Whew! That is some list. I see a lot of books that I would love to read. I have a couple of Christmas reads on my list too. Best of luck with your goals. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, that's an impressive list! :-) A lot of those look really good. Good luck and have fun!

  3. You have quite the list there! I only have three, and they're all harry potter. :P

  4. That is a nice big list there! Plenty to choose from!!
    Hope you enjoy the ones you do read! :D

  5. Wow that is a huge list! But I loved looking at all the covers! So perfect for the season! Good luck!

  6. Wow! That is a massive list! I've heard awesome things about Christmas in Friday Harbour so if you get to it I'd love to hear what you think :)

  7. Holy sh-t. That list. That's huge. Good luck getting through them all :)

    My Goals
    Lauren @ Northern Plunder

  8. Good luck! You've got a really long list, I hope you can get a lot of these read! Let it Snow was good, I really liked it :)

  9. Thanks for posting about this. I'm all signed up. Just hope I will get some reading in with everything else going on in my life right now.