Sep 23, 2012

Top 5 Sundays: Favorite On-Going TV Series!

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This week's theme is Favorite On-Going TV Series. 

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So, My Top 5 Favorite On-Going TV Series are:

  #1 - Doctor Who

One of my alltime favorite series ever, and with every season it seems to get more amazing!

#2 - Fringe

I can honestly say that Fringe became a series that I love as much as Doctor Who, and I never thought there will be a series like that again, but Fringe is one of the best series now, and although I will be really sad to see it ending, I'm dying for the new & last season to start!

  #3 - Community

One of the funniest series out there, I can never get enough, I can watch the episodes over and over again, and never get bored, so another series I can't wait to start. So hilarious!!!

#4 - Happy Endings 

Although there have been only 2 seasons so far, I love them, every episode is hilarious, and I can watch it again & again, and laugh myself silly, so it got a place in my top 5 :)

  #5 - Once Upon A Time

And one of the biggest & amazing surprises last year was Once Upon A Time. And I'm dying to see what will happen next, I mean seriously, look at that poster for the 2nd season :)

Of course there are some other favorites that I've watched for years now, that have to get special mentions, because although I knew what my top 3 will be, it was hard to choose the series for #4 & #5, so some of my other favorites are:


  1. I'm hoping that Once Upon a Time comes here one day and I probably should try Finge. Dexter is a bit too bloody for my tastes.

    1. If you like sci-fi, you definitely should try Fringe, and I hope they'll show OUAT soon there, 'cause I know how you feel, I haven't watched some series because they haven't been shown here, too, so thank god for digital tv (and Fox in the case of OUAT here) :) and yeah, Dexter is not everyone's cup of tea, even I was a little reluctant to watch it at first, but a cousin of mine kept insisting I have to watch it, and when I started I got hooked :D

  2. I have to check out Once Upon a Time. I heard it was good.

    I love Dexter and Dr. Who. I tried to get into How I Met Your Mother, but what I saw wasn't my type of humour..although I LOVE Jason Segal.. I'll give it another try though, for sure. :)

    Here's mine, if your interested:
    Top 5 Sunday

    1. Yeah, you should watch Once upon A Time, it was so good :) As for HIMYM, lately is not as good as it was before, but still funny & my fav character in it is Neil Patrick Harris' Barney Stinson :)

      Thanks for visiting!