Mar 31, 2011

#47 - "Shockingly Sensual" by Lori Wilde

Title: Shockingly Sensual
Author: Lori Wilde

Callie Ryder's life has forever been about shocking people. She's even doing it for a living -- giving sex advice to female callers on her late-night radio show. The ratings, not to mention Callie's popularity as a shock jock, are off the chart, but she's still got places to go....
When Callie's on-air sex tips result in a West Coast book tour, even threats against her "telling it like it is" aren't going to slow her down. Instead, she gets a bodyguard for protection. And not just a bodyguard. But the best bodyguard -- Luke Cardasian. Heart-stopping to look at, he's tough as nails and strong like steel, with animal instincts...and appetites.
A dangerous, sensual, sex-filled road trip. Who will survive?

My rating: 3.5 of 5

My thoughts on the book:
I enjoyed this book a lot! It was fun & funny & the chemistry between the main characters was likable & the ending was good, too!



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