Mar 30, 2011

#44 - "Too Hot to Sleep" by Stephanie Bond

Title: Too Hot to Sleep
Author: Stephanie Bond

Nurse Georgia Adams can't sleep--and it's got nothing to do with the local heat wave. She's got a lukewarm boyfriend, a nonexistent love life--and she's frustrated, really frustrated. So she decides to take the edge off by calling her boyfriend for a little phone flirtation--and a lot more! Only, she doesn't realize she's dialed the wrong number!
Police officer Ken Medlock can't sleep, either-his libido is in overdrive thanks to his sexy midnight caller. He's captivated by her voice--and when he meets and recognizes her the next day, he realizes he has to have her in his bed-not at the end of his phone line. But first he has to convince Georgia that her wrong number has turned into a very right connection...

My rating: 3 of 5

My thoughts on the book:
I enjoyed this book! It was fun & I liked the chemistry between the main characters & the story! 



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