Feb 27, 2011

#32 - "Beauty and the Bully" by Andy Behrens

Title: Beauty and the Bully
Author: Andy Behrens

What wouldn't a guy do to get the girl?

How will garage band front man Duncan ever get the attention of his goddess like classmate Carly, who's so busy trying to save the world that she won't even look in his direction? An idea hits him,
literally: when Duncan accidentally bruises himself, Carly wants to know who punched him, and vows to take care of 'poor widdle Dunky.' But as his black eye fades, so does Carly's devotion. Duncan needs a plan. He needs impending danger. He needs a BULLY. The search is on.

This hilarious novel plays with the certainty that teenage boys will do just about anything to get a girl's attention.
My rating: 4 of 5
My thoughts on the book:
I liked this book a lot! It was really funny, I mean laugh-out-loud funny, with fun characters, fun story & sweet ending! I recommend this book & I'll definitely try some of the other books by Andy Behrens!


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