Feb 27, 2011

#31 - "Castration Celebration" by Jake Wizner

Title: Castration Celebration
Author: Jake Wizner

It's High School Musical - rated R!

When the girl who's foresworn men meets the boy who's devoted himself to picking up women, there's bound to be drama - perfect for a sixweek summer program devoted to the arts. Olivia's summer goal: to write a musical that censures men with wandering eyes. Max's summer goal: to hone his acting skills, along with his talent for attracting the ladies. Before camp is over, they'll perform Olivia's musical onstage and in real life - though the ending may turn out differently than either expects.

Jake Wizner's story within a story takes the battle of the sexes to a whole new level in a bawdy, uproarious romp that's laugh-out-loud fun.
My rating: 4.5 of 5
My thoughts on the book:
The first thing I have to say about this book is: LOL! Hilarious book & I loved it! Definitely more raunchy than I expected, but it was really funny & some of the things said (or sang) in it, I definitely won't forget, I keep remembering some of them every day (I read it 5 days ago) & I just laugh :) Like a hilarious scene from a movie you just can't forget! In the end, I loved all the characters, they were all fun & I was cheering for them! While I was reading it, I didn't know what to expect, so it surprised  more than once! Definitely a book I'll re-read again & again! I highly recommend this book, although maybe for the older teens & definitely for the adults!


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