Jul 26, 2010

#136 - "Witch in the House" by Jenna McKnight

Jade Delarue is determined to find the man of her dreams, so the sexy witch casts a spell that brings a gorgeous man to her door. But private detective Mason Kincaid isn't looking for love. Jilted by his last girlfriend, Mason's thrown himself into his work. He's visiting Jade on official business, and not even the blizzard raging outside her house—or her spellbinding beauty—can distract him.
Then Jade realizes the mistake she's made in her spell, and she wants him gone. But there are charms to spare in Mystic Manor, showing Mason that the witch in the house might be the woman he's been waiting for. Convincing her, though, means coming up with a little magic of his own.

My rating: 5/5

My thoughts on the book:
I loved it! This book was a pleasant surprise! The last few contemporary romances I've read, although I enjoyed them, there was always something lacking, but in Witch in the House everything was well balanced, I wasn't annoyed about something even for a second, so I enjoyed every second of it & the ending was great, too! It's really fun book, with lovable characters, that I couldn't put it down! It's now one of my favorite romance books & I highly recommend it! This is the first book by Jenna McKnight that I've read & I'll definitely try her other books!


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