Jul 22, 2010

#123 - "InterWorld" by Neil Gaiman & Michael Reaves

Joey Harker isn't a hero.
In fact, he's the kind of guy who gets lost in his own house.
But then one day, Joey gets really lost. He walks straight out of his world and into another dimension.
Joey's walk between the worlds makes him prey to two terrible forces - armies of magic and science who will do anything to harness his power to travel between dimensions.
When he sees the evil those forces are capable of, Joey makes the only possible choice: to join an army of his own, an army of versions of himself from different dimensions who all share his amazing power and who are all determined to fight to save the worlds.
Master storyteller Neil Gaiman and Emmy Award-winning science-fiction writer Michael Reaves team up to create a dazzling tale of magic, science, honor, and the destiny of one very special boy - and all the others like him. 

My thoughts on the book:
I enjoyed the book a lot! It's really fun & interesting story! Also, the movie rights about it are bought, so although it'll probably take a few years for the movie, I'll be looking forward seeing it, 'cause the story has lots of potential for great movie :)

My rating: 3/5



  1. Wow, I love that idea of an army of version of himself from different dimensions. Sounds like a really intriguing read and its by one of my favorite authors. :-)

  2. i Love The Books That Go Straight to The point , and this is a Good example Of My Favorite Book (: