Nov 2, 2015

I'm back!!!

Ok, so it's not like I've been anywhere, but I'm back to book blogging, reviewing & the most important: reading books! At least, I hope so! 

Believe it or not, I haven't been reading for months, with the exception of the few read-a-thons I've participated in & I would only read then, and mostly I didn't even finish the started book(s) when the read-a-thon was over... And it wasn't even a reading slump. I've had those, and this was something else... I just stopped. No idea why...

As for book blogging & the blogosphere, and reviewing, I just stopped. I stopped visiting my favorite blogs & bloggers, stopped checking for new books from my fav authors & series, stopped participating in the few reading challenges I had signed up for, I just pretty much stopped doing everything bookish & bloggish, with the exception of the read-a-thons I do every year (I had to set reminders on my phone, so I won't forget), and I still visited NetGalley from my phone. And I had already stopped doing memes long ago, as for reviewing, my last review was written in July. So, I'd like to apologize to all the publishers & authors (most from NetGalley) that I've received books for review from, and say that I'll start to go over them, and read & review them as soon as I can. I'm organizing myself right now, first I'll start with the soon to be published books, and then I'll go back to the already published ones. Better late than never.

Also, I think that I need to start participating in memes again. That's how I started blogging about books & fell in love with it: with reading challenges & weekly memes. So, I'll try to participate in as many as I can, and of course to start blog hopping again, reading, reviewing & discovering new books, and sharing my love for them!

Wish me luck!!!