Feb 26, 2014

"Bite Me" by Christopher Moore

Title: Bite Me

Author: Christopher Moore

Series: A Love Story, #3

My rating: 5 of 5

(Book read from February 19th to February 21st, 2014.) 



The city of San Francisco is being stalked by a huge shaved vampyre cat named Chet, and only I, Abby Normal, emergency backup mistress of the Greater Bay Area night, and my manga-haired love monkey, Foo Dog, stand between the ravenous monster and a bloody massacre of the general public.

Whoa. And this is a love story? Yup. 'Cept there's no whining. See, while some lovers were born to run, Jody and Tommy were born to bite. Well, reborn, that is, now that they're vampires. Good thing theirs is an undying love, since their Goth Girl Friday, Abby Normal, imprisoned them in a bronze statue.

Abby wants to be a bloodsucking fiend, too, but right now she's really busy with other stuff, like breaking in a pair of red vinyl thigh-high Skankenstein® platform boots and wrangling her Ph.D.-candidate boyfriend, Steve (the love monkey). And then there's that vampire cat Chet, who's getting bigger and smarter—and thirstier—by the minute. Abby thought she and Steve could handle the kitty cat on their own, mais non . . .

Before you can say "OMG! WTF?" Tommy and Jody are sprung from captivity, and join forces with Abby, Steve, the frozen-turkey-bowling Safeway crew, the Emperor of San Francisco and his trusty dogs Lazarus and Bummer, Abby's gay Goth friend Jared, and SF's finest Cavuto and Rivera to hunt big cat and save the city. And that's when the fun really begins.


My Thoughts on the Book:

Bite Me is one amazing, hilarious, roller coaster ride from the beginning to the very end. This book will make you laugh, will make you smile, will break your heart, and it's the perfect finale to the Love Story trilogy!

Something weird is happening in San Francisco, people are vanishing from the streets, the only thing left are their clothes & piles of ash. And who's to blame? Vampyre cats, duh!!! Hahahahaha, priceless! And they were actually quite scary, too ;) Just thinking about this book and what happened in it, brings a smile to my face, even makes me laugh out loud. Bite Me, and the complete Love Story trilogy aren't books I'll ever forget! Memorable, entertaining, with amazing & lovable characters, imaginative, so humorous, and full of awesomeness!

Abby Normal is the best thing that had happened to the series. She's perky (even though she doesn't want to be), funny, a romantic, a little bit crazy, and definitely one unforgettable character, and amazing narrator in this book! I just love her so much! Then there are all the remaining characters: Steve - Abby's Foo Dog love monkey, Jared, the Animals, the Emperor & his dogs, Chet - the vampyre cat, Cavuto & Rivera, etc. All of them contributed quite a lot to this story, and made it what it is. Of course, not to forget Jody & Tommy. I still absolutely loved them as characters - they're awesome, and sweet, and they broke my heart a little, but it's as it was meant to be. It was the only way for this story & series to end, and for it to be perfect.

I won't go into any more details about the story, you'll have to read it for yourself & see why I loved it so much. But, I loved that we got to learn a lot more about how exactly vampires "work", it was quite interesting.

I also absolutely loved the way this book was written - all the characters had distinctive voices, but my most favorite narrator without a doubt was Abby - she's hilarious!

I can't recommend enough this book & this trilogy! It's definitely one of my favs now, and I can't wait to read more books by Christopher Moore, and if you enjoy humorous books, then these are the books for you!




  1. I've seen this series before but never picked it up! Your review is my first experience of what people think of this series and now I wish I had read the book - it sounds like so much fun! I haven't read a humorous story in awhile! Great review!

  2. I just peeked at your review, because this is book 3. I'm glad to see that this series was so much fun. I have heard of it, but I never checked it . I will need to rectify that!