Feb 14, 2014

"Behind the Scenes" by Trish Jensen

Title: Behind the Scenes

Author: Trish Jensen

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Publication date: October 24th, 2013

My rating: 3.5 of 5

(Book read from February 3rd to February 4th, 2014,  from an e-copy received from the publisher through NetGalley, in exchange of an honest review.)  


Together they might produce a hit TV show. If they don't kill each other while falling in love. 
Tanya Pierce's TV-executive uncle has tapped her to host a realty show about beauty makeovers. Tanya runs an acclaimed beauty spa in a small California town-definitely outside the Hollywood spotlight, just the way publicity-shy Tanya likes it. Her partner will be AJ Landry, a sexy producer known for creating hit programs-and for distrusting women like his ex-wife, who are looking for a meal ticket to television fame and fortune. 
When Tanya and AJ meet, sparks fly. Get ready for a rollicking story filled with humor, wit, and dizzying romance. 

 My Thoughts on the Book:

I loved Behind the Scenes. It was laugh-out-loud funny, the characters were interesting & witty, and really, really likable, the story was sweet & really entertaining, and I had a blast while reading this book.
Having said all that, you might think "Then, why the 3.5 rating?" - which according to me, means that I only liked it a lot, but it wasn't perfect, and to be honest, it was between 3.5 & 4, so yeah, I totally loved it.
AJ was really likable guy, that despite having been through a lot in his life, he hasn't let himself to become a frustrated angst-filled guy, though he had become a cynic, at least when it comes to famous people in the showbusiness, which totally wasn't his fault, that probably would've happened to anyone if it was done to them the same thing, but even with that fact, he isn't stubborn & he doesn't let that to hold him back, which I found it refreshing. He's funny, quite sweet & charming, and I would've totally fall for him, too, if I was in Tanya's shoes ;)
Tanya was also quite likable character. She was sweet, amazing at her job, knows what she wants, and even though she found herself in a situation that she didn't really want to be in, she still did it for her family, she still gave the best she had.
The chemistry between AJ & Tanya was great, I loved their banter & interactions, and they were great together. 
The falling in love might have been a little bit on the too-fast side for me, but it's a shorter book, so I didn't really mind it a lot, especially since it was mentioned how many time had passed, so I could've fill in the blanks ;)
If you enjoy sweet & funny romantic stories that will make you smile while reading them, then Behind the Scenes is a book for you, and I highly recommend this book!





  1. This sounds like an adorable book. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :)

    1. Yeah, it was :) Trish Jensen's books are all like that :)