Oct 7, 2012

Cover Characteristic: School Locker(s)!

Cover Characteristic is a meme hosted by Sugar & Snark!

The goal of this meme is to post your favorite 5 book covers with the week's characteristic.

This week's characterictic: School Locker(s)! 

If you'd like to participate in this meme, go HERE!

My Top 5 Book Covers with School Locker(s) are:


#5 - Death and the Girl Next Door

 #4 - The List



 #3 - This Is So Not Happening


 #2 - Pushing the Limits


 #1 - Keep Holding On


  1. Pushing The Limits is on my TBR List. Love you cover selections.

    Jess@ Jessy's Bookends

  2. Great picks! Since they are mine as well lol It was a hard one! I love Keep Holding On. Looks cute and heard it was a good book.

    1. Yeah, it was, I loved it, and you should definitely read it!

      Thanks for visiting me :)

  3. I am definitely liking this meme, I'll have to participate soon!

  4. I love the cover for Death and the Girl Next Door!

    Thanks for participating :)