Dec 29, 2011

Top 10 Characters in 2011!

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For this theme, we could've make a list with whatever theme we liked, as long as it was about characters. Well, I decided to keep it simple & to make a Top 10 of My Favorite Characters in 2011!

My Top 10 Characters in 2011 are:

  1. Tom Imura (Dust & Decay / Benny Imura series by Jonathan Maberry) - From the moment I read Rot & Ruin last year, Tom became my #1 favorite character & this year when I read the sequel Dust & Decay, he only confirmed that position ;) He's such an amazing character, the perfect hero, a zombie hunter, great at that job & still he has remained so good, but he's also very dangerous (for the evil people), I mean the way he wield's that sword, WOW. It sounds like I have a crush on him, I don't, but he is amazing! Spoilers from book #2: Too bad he had to die, I'm really going to miss him, but I can always return to visit him in Rot & Ruin and Dust & Decay.
  2. Cassel Sharpe (White Cat & Red Glove / Curse Workers series by Holly Black) - Cassel is one of the most amazing characters, too. Especially with everything he has to deal with in his life, that's really surprising. He's definitely a character that you can't help but love, and he's the best between all the evildoers in his world & also, probably one of the best conman there ;) The last sentence I copied from my review of Red Glove, but describes him perfectly ;)
  3. Cat (Halfway to the Grave / Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost) - Cat is one amazing heroine. I've read only the 1st book so far, but when I finished it, I was amazed. She's really strong, not only physically, but emotionally, too & I think the biggest reason I started to love her was the way she fought near the end of the book, she was so badass & the way she resolved the problems she encountered in the end, although she was heartbroken about it. now I know why everyone love Cat & Bones, definitely my favorite book couple! Can't wait to continue reading the series.
  4. Bones (Halfway to the Grave / Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost) - I didn't plan to add him on my list at first, because he was on my top 10 yesterday, but I decided that he deserves a spot as well. One of my favorite characters also, he's charming, funny, sexy, great at fighting, yet he's good & yeah, I have a crush on him, who wouldn't, he's such an amazing character & he's part of my favorite couple ;)
  5. Benny Imura (Dust & Decay / Benny Imura series by Jonathan Maberry) - Benny definitely changes from the way he was at the beginning of Rot & Ruin and the way he was at the end of the same book, and in Dust & Decay he  becomes even more great character, so he's one of my favorites also & I don't doubt that he'll become as amazing as Tom as the series continues. After all, he has a great role model. Writing about Tom & Benny made me eager again for the next book, oh why we have to wait :(
  6. Mason (Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts) - In this book there were 4 main characters, but my favorite & probably the only one of them I got to really love as a character was Mason (although I liked a lot almost all of them). I don't want to go into details (not to spoil the book), but he got himself a special place in my heart (not crush) & that makes me a little sad because I think I can see where his story is going next & I don't want to, because that will make me sad, yet I know that it will be right for the series...
  7. Todd (A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker) - Todd was probably one of the most surprising characters, especially because this is a ya contemporary book. When we meet him, the few things he did to Fiona (the other main character) shocked me a little & I remember thinking "OMG, what a jerk!", but as the story progressed, started to like him more & more & in the end I loved him as a character! He wasn't what he seemed like, he was really entertaining & funny & smart, just so much fun, and he was really good, too :) He wasn't a jerk, he just wanted a good prank ;) I loved the interactions between Todd & Fiona, so funny, and I loved the friendship that developed between them both. I definitely would love for him to be my friend, too!
  8. Chrysabelle (Blood Rights / House of Comarre series by Kristen Painter) - Ok, I've read only the 1st book, but I really liked her as a character. She was beautiful & brave & fights great, she's really dangerous, although she doesn't look like that, and that's what I absolutely loved. I actually read Blood Rights from galley, but still haven't bought the series, but I definitely will & I can't wait to devour it ;) Plus, you gotta love those amazing covers ;)
  9. Alex & Darla (Ashfall by Mike Mullin) - Ok, I decided to count Alex & Darla as one, after all, almost everything they went through, they did it together. They're really great characters, really brave & resourceful, & I don't think I could've survived even a 3rd of all that. So, they slowly got under my skin & they made me loved them, so I can't wait to read Ashfall again (although I read it less than a month ago) & I can't wait for the next book!
  10. Chess Putnam (City of Ghosts / Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane) - I definitely didn't think that I'd love Chess as a character as I do now. She's a witch, a debunker, a ghost hunter, and really good at her job, but she's also a drug addict. But slowly as I read the series, we really get to know her & she started to get under my skin & you can't help it, but you have to start to care for her in spite of everything she has to do & the choices she sometimes makes (you might even hate her for some of them a little, at least for a while) & in the end you'll start to love her. She's probably one of the best antiheroines & definitely my favorite antiheroine! Also, the same goes for Terrible - he's the best antihero! Can't wait for the next 3 books!      


  1. Cat, Bones, and Chess! These three are so good, your blog is practically made of awesome just because you've wrote their names in the same post!

    Okay.. Well.. It doesn't sparkle or anything, but I really love that list! : D


  2. Cat & Bones are great characters!
    I must read Downside ghosts books.
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  3. currently reading 203
    i'm so happy when mason' chapters apear
    gr8 listmy top characters

  4. Cat and Bones will always rock it! I haven't read any of the other books but I also wanted to try the City Ghosts series by Stacia Kane. I have heard it is awesome.
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