Apr 30, 2011

#54 - "The Alchemist's Key" by Cristina Brambilla

Title: The Alchemist's Key
Author: Cristina Brambilla
Series: The Alchemist's Key, Book 1

An original novel set in Venice that serves up themes brilliantly suspended between magic and reality.
Is there a vaccine to ward off the allure of Venice? Lucilla knows at least three: moving from her beloved Milano to the rheumatism capital of the world; a mother fighting for her life in a hospital in another city; an alchemist father too much involved in secret research to take care of her. And what do a splendid winged lion and a big-eared gargoyle have in common? Why, the key of King Salomon, of course – a super-powerful relic tucked away in the inner-most recesses of Venice. Unless the gargoyle succeeds in finding it, as the key is the only way he has to become a great and beautiful lion again. This has been his only thought since Napoleon removed him from atop the column in St. Mark’s Square, transforming him into a pathetic fountain-piece. For years he’s been working for Lucilla’s father, who’s promised to restore him to his former glory. But when the alchemist disappears in the murky waters of the canal city, Lucilla and the gargoyle must join forces.

My rating: 4 of 5
My thoughts on the book:
I liked this book a lot! It was fun fantasy book, I liked the characters & the storyline, the ending was good also & I can only hope that the next book will be translated & published, too!



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