Sep 19, 2010

#162 - "A Visit from Sir Nicholas" by Victoria Alexander

Everyone knows that an Effington always gets her way ... but this time it's not going to be easy!

Lady Elizabeth Effington simply could not suitably feel the joy of the Christmas season. Ten years had passed since she had boldly declared her love for Sir Nicholas Collingsworth. He rebuffed her and set out to seek his fortunes, while Elizabeth was left a woman scorned. Now, she discovers in horror that the inheritance she's managed beautifully was never hers to control. No, power over her finances lay in the hands of the last man she ever wants to see again: Nicholas!

But running Elizabeth's life isn't part of Nick's plans. He's intrigued when he discovers that the frivolous and flighty girl he once knew has turned into a beautiful and capable woman. Nick vows to woo -- and win -- her, and while she seems unmoved by his fervent seduction, he swears he will not rest until she accepts that most precious gift of all -- the gift of love.
My rating: 3/5
My thoughts on the book:
I enjoyed this one, too! I liked the characters & the story, there were some funny situations (especially with the children), and I loved meeting again Jonathan, Elizabeth's brother, which is the hero of the last book in the series & I loved that one. Another fun book :)


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