Jan 12, 2010

The Doctor Who Reading Challenge!

The Doctor Who Reading Challenge is hosted by Rayna at Mom's Not All! As she already wrote, the Doctor really deserves a reading challenge all to himself & I'm really glad I found it!

The Particulars:
1. This challenge will run from November 16th 2009 to July 1st 2010
2. Pick your own level of challenge 5, 10 or more books.
3. The books you chose can be new or old including any of the 10 Doctors
4. Overlaps with other challenges are permitted.
5. Print, ebook and audio are all ok. Watching the TV show doesn't count neither does the old radio show.
6. Sign up using Mr. Linky here!
7. If you don't have a blog but you would still like to participate just leave a comment here letting us know. I will provide opportunities in the future for those with blogs to link to their reviews and those without blogs can share their reviews in the comments at that time too.
8. You can join at any time so please sign up.

My goal is 5 books! I'll list them as I read them!

My Book List:
1. "The Stone Rose" by Jacqueline Rayner - review
2. "The Last Dodo" by Jacqueline Rayner - review
3. "Made of Steel" by Terrance Dicks - review
4. "The Feast of the Drowned" by Stephen Cole - review
5. "Wooden Heart" by Martin Day - review


  1. I am not signing up for this challenge, but I will have to check out what others pick. I just watched Eccleston's season and am starting David Tenet's today and I am now obsessed!

  2. What a fabulous challenge! I may have to sign up for this one since I have a few Doctor Who books on my shelves :)